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Results from Lab Testing Round 1

We have received several inquiries asking us about the lab tests we had planned for this past week. Thank you to all who have called, emailed, texted, sent messages on Facebook or LinkedIn, etc. It really means a ton to us to hear from you and to know you are cheering us on. It has been said, the renowned inventor, Thomas Edison, made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. He was reportedly asked, "How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?" Edison’s reply..."I didn't fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps." This is sort of how it felt this week when we received the results back from our first biological lab tests for the UVC Decontamination Chamber, or, short form, the UVC-DC (formerly known as the Mask-Sanitizer). In summary, we, the bio-lab team, and the Orbitform Medical team, had a few challenges getting the infected liquid (inoculum) to “stick” or “adhere” to the mask surface. Thus, we devised a plan to infect (inoculate) cotton swabs and then insert or “stab” those cotton swabs in 10 places on the respirators. You can see in the photos, 5 spots in front, and 5 spots in back. Well, just like Mr. Edison, we have learned a way NOT to do this type of test…and now, this upcoming week, we will proceed, with test method number 2, which we’ll share more information about after we receive the lab results. The good news from the lab test results is that we did show a large reduction in the levels of infection at each of the 10 cotton swab positions, however, not large enough to demonstrate the full effect we are seeking. We believe the cotton swabs “soaked” up the bacteria, and thus the UV lights could not destroy the “soaked” up bacteria that was “hiding”… Now we are off to round 2, and, just like Mr. Edison, we now know a method to avoid! Thanks for all of the support, encouragement, and feedback. On another note, this past week we shipped a 2nd UVC-DC to a regional hospital system in Minnesota. This makes unit number 2 for this hospital system…our first repeat customers!!!!!! Take care.

About the UVC Decontamination Chamber (UVC-DC):

The UVC Decontamination Chamber is a Portable On-Site Face Mask Disinfection Chamber for disposable face masks. The disinfection method is eight (8) germicidal UV-C bulbs positioned in front of and behind the N95 face masks. 10 face masks can be disinfected during each 15-minute cycle. The UVC-DC can be used at hospitals, fire stations, police stations, nursing homes, etc., and can be located near the actual point of use. One or more UVC-DC's can be located at each station, department, wing, hallway or emergency room, so there is no need to handle and disinfect mass numbers of masks at a central or off-site location. The UVC-DC is simple to operate, easy to roll around, and versatile enough to be transported in the back of a minivan or SUV.

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