• David

Pre-clinical Testing of the Mask-Sanitizer

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Just dropped off the Mask-Sanitizer at a pre-clinical infectious disease testing laboratory. The machine is going to undergo testing to determine what % of the bacteria / pathogens / micro-organisms (the bad stuff) the UV-C lights destroy. Let's hope it is 99.999% (or better) Hope to have the results back by the end of this week!

About the Mask-Sanitizer:

The Mask-Sanitizer is a Portable On-Site Face Mask Disinfection Chamber for disposable face masks. The disinfection method is eight (8) germicidal UV-C bulbs positioned in front of and behind the N95 face masks. 10 face masks can be disinfected during each 15-minute cycle. The Mask-Sanitizer can be used at hospitals, fire stations, police stations, nursing homes, etc., and can be located near the actual point of use. One or more mask-sanitizers can be located at each station, department, wing, hallway or emergency room, so there is no need to handle and disinfect mass numbers of masks at a central or off-site location. The Mask-Sanitizer is simple to operate, easy to roll around, and versatile enough to be transported in the back of a minivan or SUV.

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