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Orbitform Medical, LLC Develops N95 UVC Decontamination Chamber

Orbitform Medical, LLC, an independent subsidiary of Orbitform Group, LLC has recently launched a new product, the N95 UVC Decontamination Chamber.

Ingenuity, hard work, and resourcefulness are the backbone of manufacturing. During these uncertain times, we are seeing this at an elevated level. Manufacturers across the United States are finding ways to support our health care system, such as retooling production lines to make personal protection equipment and ventilators. Focused on protecting the security of our employees, customers, vendors, and investors, Orbitform Medical has been brainstorming ideas to support our community, state, and country during this Covid-19 pandemic.

One of the biggest potential problems the Orbitform Medical team noticed was shortages of N95 Masks. We challenged ourselves to create a mask decontaminating system. After reviewing what hospitals were using to decontaminate their masks, as well as studies by the FDA, CDC, NIH, and others, our team designed a system to decontaminate masks using UV lights in an enclosed compartment.

The N95 UVC Decontamination Chamber is a 31 in. x 12.5 in. x 37 in. stainless steel cabinet with eight germicidal UV-C bulbs. The cabinet holds two trays at a time, but each machine includes two additional trays for load/unload while the machine is in process. Ten N95 masks can be decontaminated during each ten-minute cycle. Orbitform Medical recommends that each mask be decontaminated up to three times before disposal.

The UVC Decontamination Chamber is designed for decontaminating disposable N95 face masks / respirators that hold their shape. Recommended masks* include:

  • 3M 1860

  • 3M 07048

  • 3M 8210

  • Moldex 1512

  • Moldex 2200 N95

* There may be other compatible brands and model numbers. Please contact us to discuss.

To date, Orbitform Medical has provided eleven N95 UVC Decontamination Chamber. Several have been put to use in hospitals, but most of these have been delivered to smaller operations such as police and fire stations, health care clinics, and assisted living centers. These smaller operations may have lower priority for receiving additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This will allow the decontamination and re-use of masks in the event of a shortage. One regional hospital in Southern Michigan processed over 1,000 masks in its first week of operating the UVC Decontamination Chamber.

In these uncertain times, ingenuity, resourcefulness, resilience, and grit will get us through. We will persevere by coming together and supporting each other and our communities. Orbitform Medical stands ready to support our health care community as well as manufacturers. For more information on our solutions for the health care industry, including the N95 UVC Decontamination Chamber, please visit or contact us at

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to all those working in the health care industry. We are extremely grateful for your work and honored to support you in any way that we can.

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