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Is the UVC Light Hitting All Areas of the N95 Respirators?

This is another example of testing that the UV light is hitting all the different surface areas of the disposable N95 respirators.

We filled the UVC-DC with 10 N95 face masks and then placed the stickers on various places on the masks, both on the front of the masks and on the rear of the masks.

These stickers are called UVC Intensity Strips or “Stickers”.

We took photos during the experiment at the following times:

  • 5 minutes

  • 6 minutes

  • 7 minutes

  • 8 minutes

  • 9 minutes

  • 10 minutes

  • 12 minutes

  • 14 minutes

It was really interesting to see the color change as the UV dosage increased.

The good news is that the stickers changed color, fairly consistently, at different positions throughout the chamber, at different locations on the actual N95 respirators, which shows us that the UV light is being distributed throughout the chamber and onto the mask surfaces.

The photos below show the sticker as yellow, before UV, and then dark green, after the UV exposure time.

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About the UVC Decontamination Chamber (UVC-DC):

The UVC Decontamination Chamber is a Portable On-Site Face Mask Disinfection Chamber for disposable face masks. The disinfection method is eight (8) germicidal UV-C bulbs positioned in front of and behind the N95 face masks. 10 face masks can be disinfected during each 15-minute cycle. The UVC-DC can be used at hospitals, fire stations, police stations, nursing homes, etc., and can be located near the actual point of use. One or more UVC-DC's can be located at each station, department, wing, hallway or emergency room, so there is no need to handle and disinfect mass numbers of masks at a central or off-site location. The UVC-DC is simple to operate, easy to roll around, and versatile enough to be transported in the back of a minivan or SUV.

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